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Cardiff Academicals Vets FC 2016/17

Report of latest match

Over 50s (Wales)

  Accies v Merthyr

 Home match

Sunday 26th March

Kick off 12 pm


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Accies Vets night - Friday 31st March - 7.30 Central Bar and 9.30 Curry at Mill Lane - Accies Annual Dinner - Saturday 8th July - Venue TBC -  Cost circa £30   -  AGM -  Thursday 13th July, 7.30pm venue probably CHOS.

Next Game

Over 45s (Bristol)

 V Nailsea


 Away match

Sunday 2nd April

Kick off 10.30 pm


Click here …. Cardiff Accies Over 45s at halftime. Scorer Paul  Cook (right) is waiting to  sign authographs. Back Home

We don’t stop playing Football because we grow old , we grow old because we stop playing Football.

Member of Wales Veterans  and Bristol Veterans Leagues  2016/17

Accies 1 (Paul Cook)  -  The Mighty Barry Town  0  

The Official match report

Tyson v Buster Douglas, the Crazy Gang v Culture Club and now this ….

The day didn’t start well. Arrived at Chez Spence at the appointed time. No answer. Tried again at which point the good Mrs. S appeared on the balcony (they have them in Cyncoed), Juliet style and announced he was still in the shower.

Pre - match shower anyone? What’s all that about.

Eventually he appeared and it was worth the wait. I read somewhere that Michael Carrick is alleged to be the best smelling footballer but I’d have our Spence up against him any day of the week.

Arrived at Leckwith and entered the changing room to be confronted with the sight of Brownie face down with Sean’s both hands around his upper thigh. Oh err Mrs……

Sean (sort of explained): ”it’s OK, my brother’s a qualified physio” (that’s up there with a different phone/same number).

Not to be outdone, Declan then performed the “downward dog”

Welshy then arrived. There was some discussion about him starting Spence as a false number 10, then having false nos. 1 - 11 and then eventually announced Spence as a right back! If you thought we were confused, imagine what his tactical wizardry was doing to Barry.

His mind games didn’t end there. He then managed to delay kick off for over an hour and lead Barry onto a rugby pitch. They were then made to wait as the groundsman changed the posts.  

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