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Cardiff Academicals Vets FC 2016/17

Report of latest match

Over 50s (Wales)

  Accies v Merthyr

 Home match

Sunday 26th March

Kick off 12 pm


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Accies Vets night - Friday 31st March - 7.30 Central Bar and 9.30 Curry at Mill Lane - Accies Annual Dinner - Saturday 8th July - Venue TBC -  Cost circa £30   -  AGM -  Thursday 13th July, 7.30pm venue probably CHOS.

Next Game

Over 45s (Bristol)

 V Nailsea


 Away match

Sunday 2nd April

Kick off 10.30 pm


Click here …. Cardiff Accies 1 Merthyr 1 (Graham Miles)  Over 50’s Wales Veterans league 26th March 2017 Back Home

We don’t stop playing Football because we grow old , we grow old because we stop playing Football.

Member of Wales Veterans  and Bristol Veterans Leagues  2016/17

A combination of the clocks going forward and Mother’s Day had shambles written all over it but the Diro’s endless Whats App reminders ensured nobody missed the party. A circus was parked in the Cardiff City car park over the road, and our very own clown, Shan, was handed the sheepskin. Collective holding of breath ……. The Shite One.

Laz as ever provided the pre match entertainment - he’s apparently now almost completed the Game of Thrones box set (lucky old Karen).

There was then a discussion about the Oppo. High flying had only lost one game all season.

Me: Gar are these the team we played at the start of the season?

Diro: No - we haven’t played them before.

Me: Do we play everyone twice?

Diro: no

Laz: what was the score when we played them earlier this season …. (!!!)

(You can’t make him up)

We also had confirmation from Howie from Oppo about the classic semi-final “hit and run” incident involving Laz. Howie confirmed he had grabbed Lazzer’s “game of bone” at the free kick which resulted in Lazzer punching him and then (as I recall it) running like hell, using our defensive wall as a human shield, to avoid Howie sticking one on him in revenge.

Mad started in goal and has to be a contender for MOM with the outstanding twin towers of Skenfrith running him very close.

Our treble tower/Trump tower (insert your own towers here) Payne was imperious up front and I can’t recall him not winning a header (although I do recall him missing a very presentable treble of chances).

Half way through the first half, Shan hauled off “Comedy” Robbo and brought on the evergreen Miles. Within minutes the silver fox (coincidentally on the same day as Kev McNaughton’s testimonial over the road) had slipped the offside trap and still with plenty to do , rounded the keeper and provided a sumptuous finish to put us 1-0 up ….The Accies fans immediately launched into “Love of my life” and generously offered the fox access to their wives as is traditional in the song. Shan’s immediate reaction from the sidelines was to shout to me: “See that, inspired substitution, make sure you put that in the match report.” Major ego alert.

End to end chances, the Madster coming off his line in great style to deny the Oppo a certain goal with a magnificent tackle.

The Diro produced his only trick and megged his full back with the ball going to one of their players and then castigated your correspondent for not getting on the end of it. He then blazed a voilley and wide and not very handsome.

1-0 to us at HT.

Second half playing into a fierce wind and we had a shocking first 15 minutes but just about held out. Willie John again proving to be our Mr. Consistent at right back. Free kick to them outside our box. Unfortunately neither Owen or False Dave had the footballing intelligence to stand on the ball. Quickly taken, scramble in our box and 1-1.

The Diro boy was now on the sidelines and constantly nagging Shan to get back on.

Me to Shan: “Do you want me to swap with him to give him 10 minutes?”

Shan, in response, as damning as it’s possible to be about his views on the Diro’s abilities: “Absolutely no chance” ( and I promise, scout’s honour, that thos were his actual words).

We were under the cosh now, our only real outlet being Kev who was having a good game down the right, and looking good enough to eat (Gar - are those tour room shares set in stone?). Cook P performing heroics against a very good Welsh Vets winger.

A minute to go and a scramble in our box, header lowand hard going into the bottom corner until a stunning one handed save from El Loco (my MOM) kept it out and a very creditabe 1 - 1 draw.