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Cardiff Academicals Vets FC 2016/17

Report of latest match

Over 50s (Wales)

  Accies v Merthyr

 Home match

Sunday 26th March

Kick off 12 pm


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Accies Vets night - Friday 31st March - 7.30 Central Bar and 9.30 Curry at Mill Lane - Accies Annual Dinner - Saturday 8th July - Venue TBC -  Cost circa £30   -  AGM -  Thursday 13th July, 7.30pm venue probably CHOS.

Next Game

Over 45s (Bristol)

 V Nailsea


 Away match

Sunday 2nd April

Kick off 10.30 pm


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Cardiff Accies 0  Albion Rovers 0

 Wales Veterans Over 45 League  19/03/17

Accies continued their good run with this hard fought point against Albion Rovers from Newport. Both teams deserved to take something from the game and although the defences were on top Accies’  Declan McSorely was extremely unlucky to injure himself in the last minute of the game when he was well placed in Albion’s six yard box and only had to poke the ball home. His injury turned out to be a very long word and Declan finished the game much more McSorely than he started.

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We don’t stop playing Football because we grow old , we grow old because we stop playing Football.

Member of Wales Veterans  and Bristol Veterans Leagues  2016/17 Full report Accies defence stands firm


Accies 45s entertained the all conquering Albion Rovers with a new sense of resilience instilled in them by the tactical revelation that is Paul Welsh.  Bolstered by the absence of Andy whO and by the return of Tenacious Brown, Shan and KButt, it’s fair to say the Accies were up for this one.  A blend of catenaccio defending, dogged work by the midfield and tireless running by the forwards ensured a first ever point against the Newport massive.  And we could have nicked it too, more of which later.... .

The visitors’, with the wind at their backs, imposed their possession play right from the off, which in the normal course of events would have led to thoughts of a very long afternoon; however, the days of asking the ref how long to go 20 mins before the end of the first half are long gone now.   Dan made at least 4 very good saves in the first half, the sort of stops we now expect of him to be fair, and this kept us in it.  Muzzer and Tenacious B at centre back were throwing everything at the opponents.  One scare when Tenacious B collapsed in a heap, but true to form he got up, pulled the nail out of his boot, and got on with it.   The oppo were also getting increasingly irritated by the ref, who I thought had a very good game.  Lazza (NB – my eldest’s favourite player, he’s desperate for a Match Attack card of him) was back to his man possessed confrontation in centre mid, and even found the energy to make an overlap on the right wing resulting in a cross which glanced the top of the bar.  Sean picked up a yellow card, taking one for the team as the oppo broke away at pace.  If only the colour of that card was green, eh? H/T – nil nil.

Second half; much the same.  Some half chances for the oppo, including a speculative 25 yard curler which Dan calmly watched strike the corner of bar and post.   Muzzer then went off lame (again), but this merely allowed Welshy to excel again with his tactical manoeuvring – Nigliazzo moved from striker to right back, Welshy from left mid to centre back, Diro in at left mid, and False Dave at no.10.   More dogged defending followed, and Lazza and KButt continued their impressive shifts in centre-mid, holding the oppo at bay.  Then:

Pivotal Moment No. 1

Hoppo, with the ball at his feet in the centre of the opposition box, passed the ball.  Yes, you read correctly, he passed the ball.  To a well placed Sean who, naturally not expecting to receive the ball, delayed fractionally and struck the ball wide.  Incidentally, around the same time Nigliazzo committed an almost identical foul as Sean’s in the first half – free kick, no card.  Sean must feel everyone is treating him harshly at the moment... .

Pivotal Moment No. 2

Hoppo’s reward for passing the ball?  Hauled off to be replaced by the unknown quantity that is Declan. To be fair, he had been intimidating the oppo all afternoon with his extravagant stretching exercises; you know the sort that are appropriate for footballers of our age category.  “Bloody hell, he must be good...” thought the oppo.  However, they were nearly smiling on the other side of their faces, as Welshy almost pulled off the tactical masterstroke of all time.  Five minutes to go.  A 40 yard diagonal from the Director found Declan, who had cleverly beaten the offside trap, in acres of space inside the box.  Surely this was his moment – THE moment. 21 players, the ref,  John Herniman, and the refugees on the pitch next to us, all held our breath.  Then, as Dec was about to pull the trigger, he pulled the plantar fascia ligament at the base of his right foot instead, collapsing more spectacularly than the Director did the other week when he tripped over his arm.   I’m sure I saw a puff of smoke behind the grassy knoll behind the goal, but that hasn’t been corroborated as yet.   One Accie who shall remain nameless (until the tour) but who boasts an unfairly high personal pain threshold, said that he might just have got through the pain barrier and made it to that ball; but that would be underestimating the instantly crippling effect of a plantar fascia ligament injury, one that effects most strikers and defenders of our age group.  FACT.

More last ditch defending preserved the valuable point gained against last year’s champions, and made for a very happy hot dog and chips in the Butcher’s Arms following the match.   Rumours emanating from the opposition table to the effect that Dec had picked up his injury during his warm-up were quickly rejected.

Writer’s MOM – Luca’s hero, LAZZA.

Many thanks to writer, Domenico Nigliazzo, for maintaining the standard of report.  More pictures to come.  JH